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My name is Scott Cline, owner at Rooted Painters. We are the professional painters in the greater Seattle, Washington area. Rooted Painters offers exceptional service through our acute attention to detail and outstanding customer service. Our passion for creativity enables us to be innovators within our industry. A desire to be rooted within our community encourages us to value the connections we make every day. 

Please take a look around. Scroll down for our past reviews on Google. Take a look at our gallery, in the about section. Learn about what we offer under services. When you’re ready, reach out under contact for a free quote. 

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if there’s anything in the world we can do for you!


Interior painting requires special care, and an attention to detail. Our crew of painters are professional, respectful and experienced. We'll make the process of painting your home as pain free as possible.


Rooted Painters finds a rewarding experience when restoring and maintaining the beautiful architecture that surrounds the Seattle area. Learn about protecting your most precious asset.

Custom Counter Tops

Reach out to Rooted Painters today to discuss our resin based custom counter tops. Ranging from funky to modern designs all at a fraction the cost of granite or quartz.

Custom Cabinets

We've got just what you need to transform your kitchen to something you won't recognize. Rooted Painters takes all the steps necessary to achieve a long lasting quality product.